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July 17, 2008

Sharing the Goodness of God

In his latest newsletter, Dr. David Jeremiah offers these practical tips for how we can share the goodness of God:

1.  If you have some extra money this month, "prayerfully look for a friend or coworker who is struggling and anonymously leave them a gift in a place where you know that they will find it."
2.  If you have enough food this month, "share that blessing with another by buying an extra sandwich during lunch for the homeless man on the corner."
3.  If you have good health, "use your healthy body to physically serve others who cannot help themselves."
4.  If you have a large group of friends, "reach out to someone new at your church and help them feel welcome."
5.  If you have salvation through Jesus Christ, "share with an unsaved friend how your life has changed through your relationships with the Lord and the Word of God."
6.  If you have a spiritual gift (and we all do), "use it to serve others and give glory to the One who gave you the gift." 

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