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July 25, 2008

Open book thread

Open_book_2 I hardly know what to say about James Owen's fantasy/adventure novel Here, There Be Dragons. If I say too much, I'll give away the big surprise reveal at the end. If I give away the big surprise reveal, I'll spoil things for many prospective readers. But if I don't give away the big surprise reveal, I won't be telling you about the most fascinating and delightful aspect of the book, and some of you may give it a miss without realizing exactly what you're passing up. In fact, it's because I myself was spoiled by a reviewer at Amazon -- of whose carelessness I thoroughly disapprove -- that I made up my mind to buy the book in the first place!

(It's quite possible, of course, that some of you might figure out the surprise for yourselves a few pages in. I honestly don't know whether I would have or not without the assist. As my team could tell you, their editor can be a little slow on the uptake.)

How about I just give you a link that should be safe -- along with my recommendation -- and let you decide for yourselves? Do be aware, though, that although it's primarily aimed at children (despite the fact that there are a lot of literary references that not many kids will be able to catch), there's a little bit of cursing in it.

In the meantime, what have you been reading lately?

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