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July 16, 2008

Oh my. This is me.

Clothes Maybe it's because I worked retail in high school and college and can commiserate with sales clerks and think it's rude to leave a pile of clothes for some anonymous summer worker. Or that cleanliness is next to godliness. Or both.

(Image © Deseret News)

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Anne Morse

I never worked at a clothing store, but I'm a compulsive folder....I used to have my sons fold laundry, but couldn't stand the way the linen closet looked with their teetering piles and sheets stacked on top of towels on top of washcloths. I've been known to refold sheets to get them perfectly aligned, and my husband gave up years ago when it came to putting sheets on the bed--he just lets me do it. They must hang exactly the same length on each side of the bed, and have NO WRINKLES. Hospital corners, of course! Pillows in exactly the right place (measured by a plate hanging on the wall above the front of the bed). I had no idea I was so bizarre until I read this....Oh, yeah, I also can't stand it when clothing gets old and kind of misshapen, because then it's impossible to fold it and have it look perfect....


Neatniks of the world, unite! I've got 1 word: Sleeving. If you worked in a clothing store, you should know what I mean.

Gina Dalfonzo

You two should both be thanking your lucky stars you've never had to live with me. I'd drive you stark raving mad. (Just ask my parents.)

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