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July 31, 2008

How low can a Senator go?

28coburn1901 Never mind Ted Stevens. The real bad guy of the Senate these days is Tom Coburn . . . for delivering babies free of charge.

I'm not kidding.

(Image © The New York Times)

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Joe Dalfonzo

God Bless Him! If he went to Iowa and helped birth hogs, PETA and the rest of the whackos would lionize him. If he went to Alaska and cut a path through the ice to help a whale, he'd be a hero to the free world. But because he is who he is and because his contribution reinforces his beliefs he is condemned. It's time for America to wake up and start sending some pink slips to the people posing as their representatives and senators. If we had a few more Senator Coburn's we just might get something worthwhile done on behalf of the electorate.


Oh!...we need more people like Dr. Coburn in the Senate, and elsewhere in government and public service today. One principle that he has consistently practiced is that of being a "citizen" legislator and not a career politician. He has proven you don't have to give up your real life job in order to serve in congress. AND he has served so well in Congress lately - insisting that the Senate serve the people by simply demanding real accountability to the bills up for review and vote.

Mark D. Wilkerson

Ironically, he could have written a book, and the hospital's holding company could have bought 1,000 copies, all to the Senator's personal profit, without likely violating the Senate's ethics rules.

Or his wife could lobby for a special interest group.

Yet he delivers babies for free and he gets accused of an ethics violation.

Go figure.

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