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July 15, 2008

Enjoying God’s Handiwork

Diane My husband, daughter, and I just returned from a week's vacation in Florida where we spent most of our time scuba diving in the ocean. Since we just took up diving a couple of years ago, we have been delighted with our newfound ability to enjoy firsthand a part of God's creation that we had previously known only through books and films. There's nothing quite like swimming through schools of fish that number in the thousands, watching them turn in unison, the sunlight shifting and shimmering off their bodies as they move. Somehow, even the 3-D IMAX movies can't capture the beauty of such a sight. 

My family is now hooked on the ocean. Where do you go to enjoy God's handiwork?

(Image © Diane Singer)

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Jason Bruce

Is that you in the photo?
I'm a diver too so I know how you feel. I love the ocean and I agree it's one of God's finest creations. Here's the best dive spot I've visited: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/653

Diane Singer

Yes, that's me (you can probably tell from the pink wraps around my regulator hose! Thanks to my husband, I also have pink tanks and fins!) The place you linked to looks amazing. We haven't taken any really cool trips like that yet ... perhaps when we retire. Because of where we live, most of our diving is freshwater; and we recently were certified to dive caverns and caves. There's some pretty cool stuff to see wherever we go. We dove the Oriskany on this trip (the aircraft carrier that lies about 20 miles off the coast of Pensecola). It was amazing to compare what it looks like now compared to a year ago ... all that wonderful marine wildlife making itself right at home.

Grizzly Bear Mom

I enjoy God’s handiwork in nature. I walk my dog Tater two miles daily at 5 AM. I see the trees, squirrels, bunnies, birds, raptors, and am awed. I spend my time praying, communing with nature, and watching my dog leap for the joy of it. Tater’s pleasure contributes to mine, just as I imagine mine contributes to my heavenly Father's.

My childlike imagination fantasizes that God is watching down over me through a moon shaped peep hole, and all the angels are watching over me through star shaped ones.

Sometimes we met people and other dogs, but we are happy that only happens on the weekends when we sleep in. My dog walks are the best part of my day, and I jealously guard them from those who think I need electronic accompaniment.

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