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July 29, 2008

Daily roundup

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Blake Wise

Read your story in Worlview magazine, about the movie Facing the Giants. While in general you make an important observation, the quotes you used from people who "scolded" a critic, recognized that the film was not, in some ways, as good artisitcally as most secular films. If a "Christian Film" has to compare favorably to The Dark Knight, in acting and special effects etc., there will never be anything but secular films. I saw The Dark Knight, and was impressed and horrified by the powerful depiction of evil....it was a powerful movie and I'm sure well acclaimed, but give me facing the Giants anyday, with all of it's imperfections. Should Chirstian film strive to be as good or better artistically than secular movies? Sure. Is that practical right now? I think not. The reason Giants seemed like Leave it to Beaver, is that we believers are 40 years behind when it comes to movies. Thank God for the producers of Giants.....we have to start somewhere. Blake

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