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July 24, 2008

Daily roundup

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Steve (SBK)

Is there any effective response to Singer? As Regis pointed out in one of his articles: "Singer's logic is thoroughly, and tragically, consistent."

Of course, the starting point for the logic is the difference. How can our response change anything (or, maintain a real Judeo-Christian ethic)?

What are some good thoughts/responses that readers have seen? Do we push the logic until it becomes absurd? Do we maintain speciesism over sentientism (Can sentientism even be used effectively) - based on our understanding of the world? Is it best to point out the arbitrariness of many (all, based on his worldview) of Singer's points?
Or... should we all be vegetarians (vegans, freegans)?

Wouldn't it make more sense to... not allow infanticide of humans AND apes (rather than say human infanticide is acceptable and ape-cide or puppy-cide unacceptable). Why does Singer throw out the baby with the "concern for other species" bathwater?

Thanks for your comments/thoughts.

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