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July 24, 2008

A World without Truth Is ’No Country for Old Men’

Chigurh ...or "from Kant to Chigurh in two easy steps."

(Image © Miramax)

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In totalitarian states (like present day China) or the past Soviet Union or the National Socialists (Nazis),
...the dictating rulers can quickly enforce their version of "truth" and quickly enslave whom they please...

The U.S. politician who retreats from clear Judaeo-Christian ethics

(and who sometimes also ignores the clear will of the electorate to uphold these general truths) just takes LONGER to deconstruct our society, our states, cities, towns, and families...than the dicator.

ONE absolute will reign supreme, tho---the strong (in no truth land) will reign supreme and will enslave the weak.

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