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June 26, 2008

Young, blonde terrorist

At one time parents were encouraged just to talk to their kids about sex. In a post-9/11 world, they have to talk about terrorism:

A schoolboy aged 12 has been identified as an al-Qaeda inspired extremist after sending beheading videos to his classmates, police have disclosed.

Anti-terrorism chiefs have said the example revealed how violent extremism is spreading “like a virus infecting young minds”.

The blonde, white schoolboy from West Yorkshire is among 120 people being dealt with by police in a new anti-terrorism scheme targeting al-Qa’eda inspired youths. . . .

Sir Norman Bettison, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, said: . . . “He is not a Muslim. He is not driven by ideology – he is too young to spell the word.

“But he is being influenced and intoxicated by the imagery and appeal of Jihadist and other internet violence."

Sir Norman, speaking at a conference of police chiefs in Liverpool, said that the internet helped to peddle the “virus”.

He added: “We know that there is a latent sense of grievance in the minds of many young people which, in the right conditions, can lead to the desire for violent expression.

“What happens if they learn how to build and deploy an explosive device that will cause mass casualties? Or if core al-Qa’eda can get their hands on these people to act as mules for a more sophisticated attack?”

The police chief urged every parent – particularly Muslims – to address the issue of extremism with their children.

Read more.

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Or he is just a school boy. Hard to tell from the blurb.

"extremism" - anyone who disagrees with the views of the MSM or BHO.

We think it means jihadis, but it means anyone who disagrees with upper elite New Yorkers and Angelinos.

Gina Dalfonzo

I think sending beheading videos to your classmates goes a little beyond disagreeing with upper elites.


For some reason I read that as drawings. How was he able to film beheadings?

Yeah, if I were his teacher, I'd talk to him and keep an eye on him, but I wouldn't go into hysterics, let alone seek to have him arrested as a terrorist(!)

Women do not understand boys.

Jason Taylor

Isn't having an interest in guns and weapons typical? What do we mean by "unusual" exactly? I have an interest in guns and weapons.

The only unusual thing about him is sending people videos of beheadings. Which is certainly over the top.

Yet one wonders. If it is also felt shocking that he "showed an interest in guns and weapons" one wonders what environment he is being raised in and whether it is not the sort that would be claustrophobic to a boy. Could it be, he is reaching for poison because he is being denied water?

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