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June 24, 2008

What is going on in Canada?

They're going after journalists, pastors, and now parents. Is there anyone left in Canada who's allowed to do anything without a judge jumping down his or her throat?

(H/T Cranach)

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They're simply bitter about being a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the United States.

But, in these hard economic times, we could use a 51st state to strip bare of resources.

Let's claim what's rightfully ours! Who's with me?!!


Hmm, not sure what's going on in the post by 'America'!

Anyway, here is more information on the case:


Apparently, the father would not consent to let the girl go on a field trip for continued breaking of a punishment; she, with her mother's support, took legal action against him.

(Note the above use of a semicolon! THEY ARE NOT DEAD YET!)

Steve Skeete

I read about this case in the National Post and even though I believe it would set a dangerous precedent if allowed to stand, I realize also that this is not simply a case of daughter against father, but two parents against each other with the child used as ammunition.

Here, in my opinion, is a mother who will do anything to get sole custody over a child, custody which the Post says, the father presently possesses. Apparently, supporting the child's rebellion against her father's discipline will prove that she is a "fit" mother and he is harmful to the child.

Not surprisingly, as in 99% of these custody matters, the court sides with the "fit" parent while the father gets to continue paying "Child support".

Besides this case however, we must not forget that Canadian Judges in recent years approved homosexual "marriage", and told Canadians and the world that marriage is now to be defined as "the union of any two persons".

When I was a child I had "the right to remain silent" and anything that I said (particularly if it was disrespectful or defiant)could and was used against me. My mother must be wondering what the world is coming to when the only reason children now remain silent is because they have an attorney (paid for by mother) to speak on their behalf.

Of course, every legal battle has winners and losers and there are are lots of winners here. The child gets to go on her field trip, the lawyer gets to set precedence and collect a paycheck, while for mother its payback time against dear old dad.

And what about dad? Ask any woman fighting for custody over a child and she will tell you. All men are losers.

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