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June 24, 2008

Trendy Zen

Buddhas Americans: They amuse me. From the L.A. Times, "Buddhamania" (H/T Thunderstruck):

Buddhas are big. They're everywhere these days, more likely bought at the local mall or garden center than during an overseas vacation. The principal religious figure for an estimated 6% of the world's population now doubles as visual shorthand for soothing interior design to so many others -- an instant tranquilizer set on the console or hung above the mantel. Scott Thomas of Thomas-Somero Design in Hollywood says that whenever he hears the word "Zen" from clients, he automatically draws a Buddha into the design sketch -- much to their approval.

Can you just picture it?

Marcy: So, how do you like my new living room?!?

Buffy: Wow! So bright, so now!! . . . Oh, say, look at this little thing. You became a Buddhist?

Marcy [blank stare]: A what?


(Image © Los Angeles Times)

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If they said 'zen', I'd hand them a blank piece of paper as the blueprint for their house. Or better yet, and more consistency, nothing at all. Zen being as former Zen monk Ellis Potter puts it, 'the believe in nothing nothing'

Much cheaper and more ecological, too ;-)

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