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June 27, 2008

The ’Anne of Green Gables’ runoff

Kristin and Rebecca, your questions are below -- and as promised, they're a whole new level of difficult (I hope). Send your answers to my e-mail address, which you should both have, or just use the "Contact" link again. Be careful -- some of them may be trickier than they look.

If we have another tie, the first person to submit her answers will be the winner of the first prize (the first day cover of the new Anne stamp), and the other will win second prize (the bookstore gift card). The deadline is Tuesday morning at 9; if I haven't heard from both of you by then, first prize will be awarded to whoever did submit answers. But if I do hear from both of you before then, I may announce the results early.

Again, all answers are based on Montgomery's books, not the film adaptations.

Good luck!

1. In how many weddings was Anne a bridesmaid?

2. Name the bride in each wedding. (One point for each first name you get right; an extra point for each last (maiden) name.)

3. In how many weddings was Rilla a bridesmaid?

4. Name the bride or brides. (Same point system applies.)

5. Who were the only two people in the Anne series who ever referred to Gilbert as "Gil"? (Hint: Anne wasn't among them.)

6. How much older was Diana's youngest son than Anne's oldest son?

7. Give references for two of the Bible verses that Gilbert quotes in the series, and name the novel from which each quote comes. (One point total for this answer.)

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