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June 27, 2008

Fun Friday videos

This video, made by a staffer at RiffTrax, is very naughty -- not in a prurient way, don't worry -- and (I think) very funny. The trailer featured in the clip is a real trailer for a real Disney movie. No wonder the guy looks horrified. Somewhere, Walt is weeping.

A tip of the hat to Jon Acuff for this one -- also non-pruriently naughty and also a hoot. Yep, I remember the food song too . . .

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Dan Gill

Do you think Walt wept over Gus?

Gina Dalfonzo

Say what you will about some of those hokey old Disney movies -- and they could be pretty hokey -- most of them still had a real warmth and sense of fun to them. Something like this, to me, just feels like the thought process went "Let's throw lots of CGI at them and make a ton of money."

Admittedly, the movie isn't out yet and so none of us will be able to see it for a while to back up our views. But that's how a lot of kids' films in recent years have left me feeling. And this one looks like it's very much in the same mold.


¡Yo quiero Steamboat Willie!

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