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June 26, 2008

Cool Idea

Skyscrapers Here's something in the works for people who like changing views. Architect David Fisher is planning the first rotating skyscrapers. He's using wind technology to help with energy cost. 

(Image © Times Online)

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Gina Dalfonzo


It's not a bad idea -- I'm just not sure my stomach could handle it.


Yeah, really. Wonder if employees in the building get a supply of dramamine.

Amusing comment at that source's site:
"Well I'm hoping hackers get into that architect's laptop and set the thing to washing machine spin cycle."


You're kinda on a roll with the whole Dutch thing, eh, Kim? (Windmills...)

"to help with energy cost." I.e., it will primarily use other sources of energy that are non-renewable. How wasteful!! (He said, mocking the high dudgeon of the global warming folk.)

Hmmm, perhaps the building owners could have tours, selling tickets to see (per Gina's comment) poor cubicle denizens turning green. Sadistic entertainment, to be sure, but consistent with the spirit of our era. Will this be known (in concert with the TV show) as "The Hurl Building"?


Rotating the tens of thousands of tons (or is it hundreds of thousands) every day is going to -save- energy?

Chris Clukey

Sorry, but it's not a cool idea, but an example of the truth behind the statement "Just because we can do a thing does not mean we should do that thing."


For a high-rise, I've got to give it credit. The rotating aspect is completely self-powered so there's no waste there and solar panels will offset at least some of the power usage which is more than most buildings. I guess it's still an extravagant high rise though.

I wonder where the Breakpoint offices are located now that I think about it.

Steve (SBK)

I agree. This is pretty cool. At least for technical and even aesthetic appeal.

First, horizontal movement in buildings.
Then, we'll get vertical movement.

Someday... we'll all be living in Transformers (the coolness of which can't be argued against :D)... or tents.

Chris Clukey

Brian, you wrote:

"I wonder where the Breakpoint offices are located now that I think about it."

And your point would be...?


"Most of the floors will be controlled from the architect's laptop, so that they are synchronised to make undulating architectural forms."

Heh - will that laptop be running Microsoft Windows? "Go tell the super he needs to Ctrl-Alt-Delete the building."


There's something so "Babel" about this.


I don't a point, the topic of office buildings caused me to wonder, that is all.

Kim Moreland

I'm not sure why a few of you poo-pooed the spinning building. I don't see anything particularly sinful about high-rises--even spinning ones.

Chris Clukey

Kim, just to clarify, I don't see this as sinful, just silly.

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