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June 25, 2008

An Eyewitness to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe A college friend of mine is reporting undercover in Zimbabwe. Here is his account of an interview with some victims of the Zanu-PF violence:

Moleen explained that the violence was unrelenting. "They told us to lay facedown. They started beating us with irons and with their feet. They were beating us everywhere: face, back, legs, buttocks. They would beat us until they started to sweat and then they would go outside and call another to take over beating us. They took cold water and poured it on us. Then they started beating us again. They never stopped the whole night or the next day."

The children sat against the walls of the room while their mothers were beaten. They were spared from the attacks except when they grew afraid and clung to their mothers. In those instances both mother and child would be struck until the child withdrew.

While the women were assaulted, their attackers threatened further violence and death. "MDC will never rule this country; we want war," they yelled. "You supported MDC, so we want to beat you until you die."

Read the entire piece here at ABC. And may Psalm 9 find its way to Zimbabwe.

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Where is the SAS when you need them? Zimbabwe-Rhodesia is part of the British Commonwealth. Her Majesty is beholden to act!

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