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May 28, 2008

Un-memorializing Memorial Day

Concert She was just lying there in the grass...

I was one of the thousands who gathered in front of the Capitol Building on Sunday evening to honor those who have fought and died for freedom. As we did, we were confronted with a type of liberty that is nothing but disgusting. As my friends and I rose from the lawn in reverence at the first notes of the National Anthem, to our left we noticed a woman lying flat on her back, a posture far more appropriate for the beach than for a patriotic concert.

This woman had chosen to exercise the freedom that had been given to her by the countless men and women who died for her by disrespecting them. In her "liberation" she was distracting the rest of us from the honor we desired to pay to the members of our family -- for me, my grandfather who earned a Purple Heart in World War II, and my two cousins who have fought in Iraq, one of whom is there right now.

It doesn't bother me all that much if she's not the biggest fan of our country. I'll admit, I've had my moments. But please don't disrespect those who have given their time and their lives so that you can lie on the grass.

(Image © PBS and Capital Concerts, Inc.)

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