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May 22, 2008

The core of reality

From Jennifer F. at "Et Tu?":

On Thursday afternoon my children and I went outside to investigate an odd object on our sidewalk, and unfortunately discovered that it was a badly injured bird. . . .

I'd tried to shelter my kids from the sad situation, but my son got a pretty good look. He turned to me with deep concern on his face, hoping for an explanation. It was obvious that this little animal was dying. With tears in my eyes, I glanced from him to the bird and stammered, "It's OK, honey. The birdie is going to be with Jesus."

It was strange to hear myself say something like that.

In my culture growing up, suffering and death had no transcendent meaning. Living things suffer, life is unfair, everything dies, and that was that. When we heard Christians comfort one another by saying that deceased loved-ones had "gone to heaven" or "were with Jesus," their assurances seemed like nothing more than attempts to drown out reality with platitudes.

Yet there I was, saying the same thing to my own children. And, oddly enough, I meant it, and found it deeply comforting. It doesn't seem like a statement so simple could have much importance, and yet I found those few words contained truths more important than almost anything else. As I heard myself repeat the words that I once thought were bromidic sayings for people who couldn't face reality, I realized that they contained the truths that are the very core of reality.

Read more.

(H/T Wittingshire)

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Very well said, I think that we are all born with the truth but listen to the lies until we realize the truth is more peaceful, healthier and happier.

Jeff Dykstra

Do birds have souls?

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