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May 29, 2008

Summer reading poll

Thanks to all who participated in the poll on celebrity news. Final results were as follows:

Total Votes: 612

6.7% - 41
Ignore it - it's all trash

44.8% - 274
Pray for celebrities - they are God's creations, too

6.5% - 40
Use the celebrities as object lessons

38.2% - 234
All of the above

3.8% - 23

It's good to see that our celebrities are getting some much needed prayer!

The new poll is on your right. You can make more than one selection in this poll. Vote and then, if you'd like, share more about your genre(s) of choice in the comment section under this post. And stay tuned for even more summer reading-related activities . . .

(Thanks to Travis and Catherina for their help with these polls.)

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Steve (SBK)

I thought the previous poll was a little difficult to answer because A4: "all of the above" seemed to conflict with A1 and A3. How can you ignore it all while using them as object lessons? Brain... doing... contortions...
Anyway, I assume that's why A4 didn't get more. The polls are good though.

Steve (SBK)

For instance, the current poll could have an all of the above without requiring any mental gymnastics. :)

Steve (SBK)

And, it's Friday. I thought the current "summer reading" poll was radio buttoned, not checkboxed. Sigh.

Gina Dalfonzo

Yeah, we're sort of learning as we go here. :-) Thanks for your patience.

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