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May 30, 2008

Reducing Our Oil Dependency

Gas_pump_2 American Solutions has created a petition urging Congress to "Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less." You can see it at this link

I've said for years that it's time for us to use our own oil, and to quit mortgaging our future to Middle Eastern despots (or South American ones). But that's just a beginning, just one small step in the process of reducing our dependence on oil in general. In the long run, we need to look to larger solutions -- like building more nuclear power plants and more mass transit systems so people don't have to use cars to get to and from work (yes, I know, that's going to be a hard habit to break: it could even require banning all gasoline-powered cars in the inner cities. That would, at least, offer an extra incentive to either take the train or buy an electric-powered car).   

I know that the higher gas prices are forcing me to rethink how often I dash to the store, and making me plot the most efficient route when I'm out running errands. In the long run, I'm sure it will affect the next car we buy (my husband is even considering getting a motorcycle to ride to work). How about you? How are gas prices affecting the way you live? 

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I think that those of you who live in the cities forget something that those of us in rural areas don't have access to: mass transit. When you look at a map of our country, the area that cities take up land wise is much smaller than those areas that would be considered rural. While using mass transit is a good thing, where I live buses, taxis, trollies and bicyles are just plain impractical.....if not non-existant.

I do agree very much that we should be building more nuclear power plants. We also need to be buidling new oil refineries. Those that were last built nearly 35 years ago don't have the technology that could be put into place now to make them more effecient.

Diane Singer

I agree that mass transit doesn't work if you live in rural areas, but think how much gasoline would be saved if people who live in cities would opt for taking the subway instead of driving their cars. My daughter lived in Paris and used the subway system everyday. She said that she never missed having a car. And when we visited her there, I was really surprised at how easy, and quick, it was to get wherever we needed to go.


Your desire to drill here and lower gas prices is pretty much anathema to developing oil replacing technology. No one is going to spend money to research and develop technology to replace oil if oil is cheap and abundant.

Politically, I have no problem using up the rest of the world's oil reserves before our own, call it an insurance policy. ;)


My habits went to minimum driving when it hit 2.00 a gallon.

This is killing the poor, so why the party that claims to be for the poor won't cut the price of gas by 75 cents a gallon by suspending the regressive gas tax, raises questions about their intentions.


I should also point out that in the northern areas, snow requires ground clearance, which is what SUVs (except for minivans) have, (snow isn't plowed til it is at least 4" deep, and it isn't plowed down to the pavement) and that buying an electric (and thus paying through the nose for electricity produced with fossil fuels) or a hybrid is far beyond the means of most of the middle-class, let alone the poor.

The extreme parochial thinking of the beltway bandits and bicoastals shows in the MSM (and elsewhere) on this issue.

Grizzly Bear Mom

I drive to the train daily for my commute and am astounded that people sit in the lots with their cars running when its neither cold or hot! Growing up as a farm kid I've always been frugal about everything including water use. I agree that cars should be banned or heavily taxed in cities to support mass transit. I even used mass transit in Korea and Japan. However in my neighborhood we've banned clothes lines, our compost piles are inspected to ensure they don't ... what? We disdain our environment-I wonder how God will hold us accountable for it.

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