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May 30, 2008

Good-bye to one of the greats

Harvey Korman passed away yesterday at age 81. Take a few minutes and enjoy a little of his work in tribute. There's so much to choose from, it wasn't easy to settle on just one! Those of you who can think of other favorites are welcome to put links to them in the comment section.

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Diane Singer

I recently saw an interview with Tim Conway where he talked about how easy it was to make Harvey Korman break up in the middle of a skit. Of course, Tim was known for inserting lines that he had deliberately omitted during rehearsals, which usually left Harvey speechless or in stitches. Oh, how I miss the days of the Carol Burnett show and the Bob Newhart show. They made staying at home on Saturday nights an imperative.

dennis babish

Truly one of the great comedians who showed how to not keep a straight face playing second banana to Tim Conway.
To me one of the all time classic comedy bits was Harvey and Tim Conway's Dentist office sketch.
You can see it here:

Gina Dalfonzo

I considered the dentist sketch (and "Went with the Wind," and some others), but pretty much all Harvey go to do in that one was laugh helplessly. As who wouldn't? :-) It's one of the best ever, but I wanted to find something where Harvey got to shine a little more.


Truly one of the greats! I grew up watching the Carol Burnett show. Back when comedy didn't need foul words or gestures to crack you up

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