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May 22, 2008

Daily roundup

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Jason Taylor

Actually I don't quite find the Father-daughter "protecting chastity" thing "creepy" exactly. I do find it annoying because it implies that one is worried about ones chastity. I suppose it is because Evangelicalism plays to Prodigals not Elder Brothers and even Elder Brothers often play along. But I always thought of chastity as something someone brought up in the church takes for granted. It sort of gives the impression of a millitary unit loudly proclaiming that they will try not to run away in wild disorder. Or a judge saying he will try not to take bribes from the mob.
It comes from an Elder Brother's perspective, as I said. Also from the point of view of someone who is emotionally cold-blooded and regards that sort of thing as merely interesting. Others do have a harder time.

Gina Dalfonzo

Unfortunately, statistics show that chastity is not at all something that Christians take for granted.

Jason Taylor


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