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May 27, 2008

Blogger roundup

Here's some extra reading material from Point bloggers:

T. M.'s and Angelise's articles are from the April/May issue of BreakPoint WorldView. The current issue of our online magazine also has an excerpt from Lori Smith's book A Walk with Jane Austen.

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Bruce Robertson


So in this blogger roundup, I learn that the United States leads the world in per capita carbon emissions, leads the world in murder rate, leads the world in per capita incarceration, has a history of unfairly incarcerating our racial minorities and has severe problems with our adult entertainment industry which fills the world with smut? All of this on the day after Memorial day. To some people this might seem to make the Point the Jeremiah Wright debating society . . .

Such people would, in my opinion, be completely wrong. Over the course of my life, I have come to believe that true patriotism is expecting our nation to take a role of moral leadership in the world. As is illustrated by many leaders in the Bible, true moral leadership requires first and foremost acknowledging our own sinfulness. I wanted to take the time, therefore, to appreciate the patriotism that the Point has demonstrated today.

Bruce Robertson

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