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May 27, 2008

An Indy Ear Worm

Indy I was one of the masses who went to see Indiana Jones this weekend. Now, unfortunately, the theme music is the soundtrack to my day's routine. Mostly, I'm noticing that it isn't fitting any of my adrenaline-filled office tasks, like checking emails, writing, writing and more writing. But I did read this article this morning, and the heroic anthem seemed to fit that.

Anyone else see Indy? Personally, I missed the hunting for Bible relics. But, otherwise, I thought the movie did live up to the hype. Your thoughts?

(Image © Paramount)

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Just another James Bond. Totally unrealistic. Is that the way to escape the pressures of living. Life is not so bad that we have to numb ourselves with nonsense. I wouldn't go to another Indy movie.


Ouch, Pat. Can I have a side of mercy with that plate of judgment? I think there's a place for fantasy in the world. Would you agree? Or is this more a matter of your taste?

Jason Taylor

You have just made what would serve as a fair description of Homer.
Moreover it has been said that escapism is most feared by jailors.
As for being totally unrealistic,do you desire to go to a movie about how to unclog your drain?

Diane Singer

It had its moments, when it recaptured the delightful tone of the first Indiana Jones film. But, when it got to the alien spaceship part, I wanted to throw up my hands in disgust. All I could think of was "Indiana Jones meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind." I'm glad I saw it, but I won't see it again.

Jason Taylor

I never saw it. I answered Pat because it sounded like a criticism of the genre not the movie.


The Last Crusade and Lost Arc Indy movies were somewhat based on lore and history, which to me, made it more enjoyable. The Temple of Doom was a little out there, but I was really disappointed with this last one. A spaceship? Come on... I was really hoping for more. I feel they really missed in this one.

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