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April 28, 2008

The Point Radio: No Family Left Behind

When it comes to a career, prestige and paycheck are important. But what about family life?...

Click play above to listen.

Want some more ideas for balancing your family and career responsibilities?

Jeff Peck, “Kids, Careers, Connections,” The Point, 17 January 2008.

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Can Men Have it All? Fathers and Work,” BreakPoint Commentary, 22 November 1994.

Brian C. Robertson, There’s No Place Like Work: How Business, Government, and Our Obsession With Work Have Driven Parents From Home (Spence, 2000).

No Place Like Work: Are We Driving Parents From Home?” BreakPoint Commentary, 11 May 2000.

Life beyond the Cubicle: Where Do Our Priorities Lie?” BreakPoint Commentary, 2 January 2004.

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Rev.Don Disharoon

I believe that family needs to come first. I was talking to the principal owner of the company I work for just yesterday. When I mentioned that "There is laife after **********(the company I work for)" he just looked at me as if he couldn't believe I had said that. When he stated that when we were "manager on call" that we needed to be in the office on Saturday or Sunday (which I always switch with someone so I don't have to work on Sunday)for at least half a day. Again I repeated what I said earlier and that if there aren't any calls for the first couple of hours, there isn't any need for us to sit here and twiddle our thumbs and that family and home life is more important (needless to mention that I already give 10 hours a day Monday through Friday).
So I am going to stand my ground when it comes to family and how important it is for church attendance on Sunday. If the owner can't see how important these things are, then I feel he needs to have a strong awakening. Could it be that this is the reason he has so many problems in his life? He has a large amount of posessions and I am sure a very large bank account. But one thing I always mention to people no matter who they are, that money and things cannot buy health or happiness. After all.....what we have really isn't ours....eveything we have belongs to God and we are but a sheppard of them for a brief amount of time. Life is too short.....live for what God wants and attest to what His Son Jesus Christ did for each of us and there will be no doubt as to how happy and healthy we and our families will be!!!!

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