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April 29, 2008

Re: Don’t let ’em get you, Miley

Her fans don't want 'em to get to her either. According to NPR's Morning Edition, many of Miley's 10- to- 15-year-old admirers are disappointed that their role model appeared in such a provocative pose on the front of Vanity Fair. These "tweens" are upset that Miley is acting "too mature" for her age.

But since when does maturity have anything to do with "flaunting your stuff?" If anything, it's a sign of immaturity, not simply in Miley who apologized and said she was embarrassed by the shot, but most definitely in the adults in her life who should be protecting her and guiding her.

Yet again, the young will lead us, or, at least, they should, in the case of Miley's young--but wise--admirers.

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