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April 25, 2008

More Trouble for Darwinism

Now this is something that should trouble the Darwinian establishment. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), researchers found “that a deficiency in an enzyme called pyruvate kinase, which is required for energy production in the body, provides protection against malaria infection."

Here’s the trouble: Darwinian evolution depends on the ability of unguided, naturalistic processes to build genomes over geological time scales. Note that the information content of the smallest genome would fill a 500-page book. (The instructions in the human genome would fill a 50,000 page book!)

The astute person will wonder how an unconscious process could lead to the creation of what amounts to a mini-library from scratch. The catechistic answer is that genetic words, sentences, and whole books are written through the creative power of genetic mutation. Mutations that have “cash value” in evolutionary “fitness” are accumulated over time, leading to an increasingly complex code of life.

It’s like believing that, given two hundred million years, a double-wide trailer could become the Taj Mahal from the combined influences of cosmic rays, wind erosion, tectonic movement and quantum effects. As any homeowner knows, it’s precisely such unconscious effects that lead to home deterioration, not home improvement. But, on occasion, even deterioration can have a beneficial effect.

Consider that double-wide in the tropics without air conditioning. A wind that wasn’t strong enough to destroy it, but sufficiently strong to blow out all the windows, could enhance creature comfort without any structural additions.

And that was what the researchers in the NEJM found. The enzyme deficiency needed for malaria protection, results from the suppression of genetic instructions rather than from their creation.

Increased “fitness” by the shuffling or suppression of existing genes, rather than by the accumulation of new ones, is a direct affront to gradualism. While that should rattle the ranks of the Darwinian faithful, their resiliency against such evidence never ceases to amaze.

Consider the “crystals” and “aliens” offered as the best answers for the question of life’s origin by at least one of their most celebrated evangelists. They may be still on the playing field, but the game is long over.

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Tobias Dimoji

Wait ! Are you suggesting that some people still believe in that out-dated theory called Evolution? With the vast number of information available to us today, we should be sorry that that theory was once taught in our schools.

Terrill Schrock

Toward a healthy balance in perspective on the creation/evolution debate!


harvey Ward

In 1979, as a biochem major, I had a Eureka moment - I was staring at a page of Lehninger's Biochemistry and saw the profoundly complex, and fascinating enzyme Pyruvate Dehydrogenase, with its 48 subunits, six different functions , straddling the mitochondrial membrane and acting as the gateway for the entry of 2 carbon chips into the Krebs cycle by which we get almost all of our cellular energy in the form of ATP. The chances of this molecule arising as a spontaneous random process are astronomical and this was obvious at first glance. What made this even more ludicrously improbable was the fact that this enzyme has absolutely no meaning without all of the enzymes metabolising glucose to produce pyruvate in the first place all being present and functioning in concert. Furthermore to produce ATP, the entire machinery of the complex Krebs cycle enzymes and all the respiratory chain enzymes all have to be up and running!! No intermediate cycles or more simple processes - everything is fined tuned and interdependent. The crunch point came when it was revealed that many of the enzymatic processes needed ATP to help them work in the first place! QED for my faith in creation - I have yet to have a cogent Darwinian explanation for the origin of cellular processes. If we are to ignore the obvious hand of Design in nature, I believe we would be hard pressed to honestly and scientifically support any alternative explanation for the way things are.

Regis Nicoll

Harvey--Indeed, at every scale of nature, irreducible complexity is an "inconvenient truth" that the Darwinian establishment has yet to account for by anything other than what, in polite company, could be called, comical sophistry.

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