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April 22, 2008

Green Heroism

Iwo_jima_tree On a recent cover, Time Magazine replaced the iconic Iwo Jima flag with a tree, accompanied by the headline: "How to Win the War On Global Warming."

On NPR's Blog of the Nation, listeners expressed everything from hearty agreement to outrage.

Here's one comment:

I'm curious- how many have died to save the earth from global warming? Many American men died to ensure they could safely raise the flag. I just don't know [how] they compare and how someone could disgrace the picture that was more than just a symbol.

And another:

Whatever it takes to wake the sleeping giant of the American public on global warming is okay by me! I feel the same sense of urgency and am relieved to finally see a major publication take a stand!

What do you think? Is this a horrible slap in the face to heroism or a warranted warning to skeptics of environmental crisis?

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Jon (JAC)

It seems as though the debate on global warming eerily parallels that of evolution. Will we see a documentary similar to "Expelled" which calls for open and free dialog on this issue? Or is this just another one of those issues that gets you fired and blackballed if you disagree?

Steve (SBK)

It always strikes me as a little absurd when people talk about Global Warming and "saving the planet". What they should say is "saving the human race"... because the planet would survive and recover quite nicely without us (much to the joy of some "intellectuals" http://www.amazon.com/Better-Never-Have-Been-Existence/dp/0199296421). But then, that would look selfish and we "ought" to be fighting "Global Warming" for "noble reasons".

That being said, I can see that the "fight against Global Warming" could be tough... but sipping lattes, brainstorming around a conference table, entering notes on your eco-friendly MacBook isn't quite on the same level as Iwo Jima.

Anyway, what's important is that Time sells more tree-killin' magazines. :)


SBK, have you heard whether or not it's more eco-friendly to read a magazine via a dead tree, or via pixels? Seems to me that a datacenter, serving up web pages to consumers sitting at home computers, might actually consume more natural resources (particularly where coal is burnt to produce electricity, which I gather includes most of the USA).

Best, I think, would be to read the dead tree version by candle-light. That way you could also set fire to pages with which you disagree, thereby also warming your home. (Some issues could be quite exothermic.) But this could be offset by using an electric vacuum to pick up the ashes. Sigh; ecosystems are **so** complicated!!

To your main point, it is indeed (he said, tongue in cheek) a form of "species arrogance" to assume that humans have any kind of stewardship over animals or plants. Hmmm; perhaps PETA and Earth First! should set about bombing each others' offices...

Steve (SBK)

Haha: "ecosystems are **so** complicated!!"

I like your suggestions LeeQuod. (It would also be interesting to find the energy consumption differences between page and pixel - esp. with Trees being renewable resources, unlike Coal.)

I suggest the most eco-friendly though would be to move back to an oral-tradition culture. Very little waste, improved memories, and we might actually start to listen to each other. (But, time is cyclical so we'll get there soon *said the tongue-in-cheek*)


I think my Marine grandfather is rolling in his grave...

dennis babish

However if you read today's Foxnews.com article, http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,352241,00.html
You will forget about global warming and start worrying about a new ice age.
Back in the 70's this was the rage and warnings from scientists were fast and furious. Then it died down until Al Gore spoke up about global warming.
So take your pick the Earth is warming up or the Earth is getting colder.
All of this by people who can't predict tomorrow's weather accurately.

Kristin Duckworth

This is ridiculous. As a veteran, the wife, daughter and grand-daughter of veterans, and sister to a marine vet who served two tours in Iraq, I really resent this co-opting of the Iwo Jima flag raising to push the whole "save the world" green frenzy.

Looks like just another effort to try to make the left's hot topic carry the same weight and importance that the military battle has.

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