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April 23, 2008

Good Catch

Specialdelivery Albany postal worker Lisa Harrell was delivering an Express Mail package to a home, looked up, and noticed a baby in a second-story window. The next thing she knew the baby was in her arms, safe.

The mother had placed the baby on a bed near the open window and turned her back to it for a moment, and when she turned around the baby was gone. When she realized what happened she ran outside, grabbed the baby, said thanks and ran to her mother's house.

Another example how God looks out for us. Lisa is normally on another route and shouldn't have been there at that time. So God changed her route, had an Express Mail package sent to be delivered at that address on that day and at that time. Coincidence? Someone once defined coincidence as God acting and choosing not to take credit for it. Miracle is the appropriate word to describe this catch.

The postmaster said, "The stars were aligned for that baby today."

However, Lisa Harrell said it best: "God was there for me and the baby."

Good catch, Lisa.

(Image © Fox News)

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