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April 22, 2008

’Expelled’ is doing well. No, really.

Eric Snider at Cinematical gets major brownie points for honesty. While he hated Expelled, he's willing to (a) admit that he learned from it the difference between ID and creationism, and (b) call out certain other media outlets for their attempts to spin the box office results:

The film opened on 1,052 screens and made $2.97 million, coming in 10th place at the weekend box office. That's the third best opening in history for a documentary, and it's already enough to make Expelled the 30th highest-grossing doc of all time. By the time it's finished its run, it will almost certainly crack the top 10. It's a terrible movie, but for a documentary, it's very successful. Those are excellent numbers. You gotta give 'em their props.

Or maybe you don't. IMDb's studio briefing for Monday (which used estimated weekend figures, not the final ones) said it "flopped," adding: "The Ben Stein documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which argued on behalf of 'intelligent design' -- that is, the biblical view of creation -- failed to bring out church groups in big numbers and settled for just $3.1 million to wind up in ninth place." Never mind the inaccurate definition of ID -- what's with the slanted assessment of the film's box office haul?

What indeed, Mr. Snider. What indeed.

(By the way, Rolley, looks like you're going to have to dig down for the price of those Rolaids.)

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Rolley Haggard

If I’m any judge of personalities, I predict Mr. Ady will declare a split decision and demand his Milk Duds.

Consequently, I’ve decided in the spirit of “compromise” to bite the bullet and purchase both the Milk Duds and the Rolaids. (After all, one of them does come from a “concession” stand).

I plan to combine them in one tamper-proof, break-resistant bottle, so I could really use some advice on how to hermetically reseal an opened package. Tightly-wound duct tape perhaps? And when I re-label the contents, does anyone know if I hazard running afoul of the patent authorities if I name it Rol-Duds?

Bon appétit, Mr. Ady.


I suggest "Rol-Adys".

Rolley Haggard

That reminds me of my favorite (and only) (and favorite BECAUSE only) ROLAIDS joke. If you're not old enough to remember the TV commercials, you may not get it. Pity you.

Kid working a crossword puzzle: "Hey Dad, how do you spell 'Bas-relief?'"

Fifty-something Dad: "B-A-S-R-O-L-A-I-D-S"

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