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April 28, 2008

Don’t let ’em get you, Miley

Cyrus_miley Kathryn Lopez has a post up about "the pornification of Hannah Montana." Having seen the picture in question, I wouldn't go quite that far. It isn't explicit at all, but it is suggestive -- much more suggestive than a fifteen-year-old girl needs to be. And as Kathryn's link reports, now that the photo shoot is over, young Miley Cyrus apparently isn't feeling too good about it.

Personally, I have a liking for Miley Cyrus. I just lost every shred of street cred I ever had (and I had SO MUCH to lose!), and will have to turn in my Cynics of America card, but what the heck -- I like her. I've caught a few episodes of her show, and despite the obligatory bouts of loud generic teen pop, I found myself enjoying it. Cyrus is a cute kid with a gift for comedy. Plus she seems to share her dad's taste for country music, which may bode well for her future after her fifteen minutes of Disney Channel fame are up.

Sadly, we know what Hollywood does nowadays to cute kids with gifts. They barely hit puberty before the barrage of lies -- "You have to do this or this or this to prove you're grown up, or to get publicity, or to be different" (even when it's exactly what everyone else is doing!) -- comes at them full force. It's a rare fifteen year old who can handle all that without losing her grip.

Don't let 'em get you, kid. We've got all the Britneys and Lindsays we need in this world. Try for something better.

(Image © AP)

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Steve (SBK)

Haven't see the photo, but of course I'm pulling for this kid. Still, my Cynic card remains active when I hear Money, er Miley say: "I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about."


Well, this seems a long time coming. Saw something about Miley having her own house on her parents' property or something -- maybe using the guest house as her own. She and her parents should maybe take cues from Mandy Moore and hers:

But she also admits that if she has remained focused and well-behaved, “it’s a testament to the way my parents raised me.”

Family is a note that Mandy strikes often, and for good reason: Her dad is an American Airlines pilot, “my mom’s a mom,” and as Mandy’s career grew, her parents guided and protected her, her mother accompanying her on nearly every road trip.

And even better, perhaps, Emma Roberts:
But she also has a mom (her parents split when she was a baby, and her mother has primary custody) who wouldn't buy her a car for her 16th birthday, insists on handwritten thank-you notes and grounds her regularly. In fact, Emma got grounded -- for talking back, as usual -- just the week before the publicity tour. It was a 21st-century version of grounding: no iPod, no cellphone and no computer access for four days.

Staying 'good' in Hollywood can be done, but doesn't seem to be in Miley's case. And while it can be done, I, like Roberto has, question whether it *should* (putting kids full-time in that environment -- seems to be toxic).


I was kind of surprised that her parents, knowing that their daughter is in an industry that loves to "pornify" young stars, didn't realize how the public would perceive that picture (which I have seen). Hopefully they are the wiser for the experience.


And her own risque photos that she took herself that are now circulating don't help matters. She isn't so squeaky clean.


her performance at idol gives back was also inappropriate and suggestive for a 15 year old. neither she or her parents seem to value her teenage years.

also, isn't it interesting that when 15 year olds are made wives and mothers as part of a belief system, soceity gets raised up in arms and wants to rescue them, yet it also encourages 15 year olds to portray themselves as sex symbols by rewarding them with free publicity and increased record sales. we live in interesting times.

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