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April 28, 2008

Chuck Colson weighs in on Oprah and ’A New Earth’

As promised, Chuck Colson covers the Oprah Winfrey/Eckhart Tolle controversy in today's BreakPoint commentary:

. . . Tolle’s supposedly groundbreaking message is simply the same old New Age thinking in pretty packaging. While Tolle acknowledges something wrong with the human condition (what Christians call “sin”), he preaches the need not for repentance and salvation, but for a new “awakening.”

This involves looking deep within the self for peace and harmony, not looking to Christ. There is nothing new or revolutionary—and definitely nothing Christian—about it. It is paganism.

Read more.

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RC Ritter

Truly nothing is new under the sun when Satan tempted Eve in the garden that she would be like God knowing good and evil. It never surprises me how creative the enemy of our souls is when misleading the lost. The Secret, the New Earth, and too many others to mention have mislead many. This is as Christ said it would be in the last days. We should be praying for these people and sharing the good news with all who will listen.

Rolley Haggard

Chuck Colson referring to remarks Oprah made --

“She says she got tired of "rules" and "doctrines," and particularly of the Scriptural idea that God is a "jealous God." "Something about that didn't feel right in my spirit," she said, "because I believe that God is love."

What Oprah did not understand, or would not understand, is that a loving God must be a jealous God—jealous of any lie that would steal His children away from Him and send them after false gods.”


Right on, Chuck. “A loving God MUST be a jealous God” because to be otherwise is to be like the irresponsible parent with whom “anything goes”, even when it is ultimately injurious to the child and others. God loves us too much to let us live without fatherly governance. He better than anyone knows that foolishness is bound up in the heart of the child, even if the child is a full-grown adult.

The “rules” and “doctrines” and “jealousy” that Oprah disdains, she misunderstands – egregiously. But she’s not alone. It is a gross but common misconception – and one that skeptics invariably trot out whenever they want to try and claim the high moral ground -- that if God is love there is no way certain other things in the bible can be true.

But there is no contradiction between God’s love and what He says and does. In fact, it is almost understatement to say that EVERYTHING God does He does from love and for our good. No exceptions. Not one. Those who fail to see that are susceptible to the siren calls of Oprah and Tolle. But those who avail themselves of the time-honored verities of the faith can know it beyond all reasonable doubt.

Precisely Chuck’s point.

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