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April 23, 2008

America’s Patsy

Carter_2 I feel sorry for Jimmy Carter. However, I feel much more sorry for the people he potentially affects in the Middle East and elsewhere with his insistently naive approach to terrorists and geopolitics.

Carter made a bold claim following his meeting with Hamas's political leader Khalid Mashaal recently in Damasus. The former President announced that Hamas would accept a Palestinian state with 1967 borders and, most importantly to Israelis, Hamas would recognize Israel's right to exist. Wow, what a breakthrough, especially coming from hardcore Hamas!

But even Carter should have guessed that this was too good to be true, and now one may wonder if Carter was indulging in wishful thinking from the start. Why? Because Hamas has come out after Carter's remarks to reaffirm clearly that they would not be recognizing Israel in any such agreement. 

This has prompted the State Department to say that it is clear that "nothing has changed in terms of Hamas' basic views about Israel and about pace in the region...the bottom line is, Hamas still believes in the destruction of the state of Israel."

Now let's forget for a moment America's historic and cultural ties to the State of Israel. Instead, let's ask ourselves how we could ask any country, let alone an ally, to sacrifice their children's security with a "peace partner" like Hamas. Would we like it if someone foisted such a load onto us?

This is not to say that the ordinary Palestinian people don't deserve a homeland of their own, a country to build up with pride as the Israelis have done for six decades now.  The world would look with great favor over a Middle East shorn of this knotty puzzle, perhaps even with Palestinians and Israelis eventually becoming significant trade partners.

But it won't be happening with the likes of belligerent Hamas and their hapless lackey. More and more it seems that Jimmy Carter was not satisfied with the significant laurels bestowed upon him for his post-Presidential work with Habitat for Humanity and other humanitarian ventures. He still wants to prove something into his eighties. He's proving it all right.

(Image © Fresno Bee)

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Katharine Eastvold

Well, of course Carter's efforts at diplomacy aren't going to bear any fruit if the U.S. government is determined to basically disown him and refuse to talk with Hamas. To say that we can't negotiate with Hamas because it won't recognize Israel's right to exist is in large measure a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Phil Rispin

Jimmy Carter in a way is to be commended because he acts on what he believes to be true. The problem is his understanding of human nature is wrong. The liberal mind believes that you can talk and negotiate people into good behaviour and that compromise with what is clearly evil is better than going to war with it.

We have a very clear picture drawn for us in recent histoy of what happens when people don't stand up and say "no". Hitler took advantage of the hapless Priminister Chamberlain of Britain who thought he could negotiate the German dictator into good behaviour even to the extent of handing over land and people to Germany in hopes of avoiding a war. Because of his and the west's lack of conviction of right and wrong and their willingness to compromise Chamberlain got precisely what he was trying to avoid and 50 million people died in the war that followed.

On the other side of that coin stands Ronald Reagan who stood up to Russia and said "no" effectively ending the cold war.

I believe that we are living in a time that has many parallels to those of the middle of the last century. The west however no longer has the moral or Christian foundation to oppose what is happening.

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