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March 28, 2008

You are now entering the Twilight Zone

That's what I thought was happening to me when I picked up a section titled "Reports from China" in today's Washington Post (print version only) and saw headlines like "Torch relay goes as planned," "Home for athletes, friendly to the environment," and "Laws deliver opportunity and equality."

Then, of course, I saw those magic words: "An advertising supplement to the Washington Post . . . Prepared by CD Features, a service of China Daily, People's Republic of China."

In other words, it's all about the cash. Yes, I know, the Post has every right to let whoever they want advertise in their pages, and those who advertise can say what they like. Free speech and all that. I'm sure it'll be a great comfort to all those souls in China whose free speech rights are honored every day, that one of America's most prestigious papers wasn't glossing over their fate on its own account, but rather, took money to do it.

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