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March 26, 2008

Would you go?

Iceberg_200 I just read this article about tourists visiting Antarctica. At first, I thought, "No way... I hate being cold." But after I read the article, I began to reconsider. What about you? Does a vacation in Antarctica sound like something you would like?

(Image © NPR)

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Gina Dalfonzo

No way. I hate being cold. ;-)


Absolutely! I would go in a heartbeat! Sounds like a great adventure!


I read a Travel section article in the Washington Post a few months ago that I wish I could find. It described a fascinating trip around Tierra del Fuego that allowed cruise trippers to be within tossing distance of Antarctica. It sounded fascinating.


Ask the penguins from "Madagascar."


Skip to the 4:40 minute mark.

Dave the Swede

Dave the Swede loves to travel to cold places. But I also like to partake of the local cuisine . . . What's the national dish or Antarctica?



Antarctic Krill, sushi or grilled. Bon appetit!


Rolley Haggard

Don't know, but it can't be very good. Obesity is unknown among the citizenry.

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