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March 20, 2008

Two ’DUHS’ in one week

First the story about how mothers are hardwired to protect their children; now this.

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re: "Crucifixion is bad for you":

The media will never pass up an opportunity to cover a story that makes Christians look dumb.

There will always be Christians who, for whatever reason, willingly give them fodder.

Jason Taylor

Be fair. It's no worse then "Hannukah Hams", and isn't as bad as the Danish Mohammad-with-a-bomb cartoons. Don't imitate the boy who cried wolf.




Jason Taylor

I mean, don't see a threat where none exists. Or more precisely, don't waste complaints about grievance lest you devalue it. It is a comparativly mild tease. And after all, crucifiction IS bad for the health.

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