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March 19, 2008

This is 90 percent of what’s wrong with TV

From Thomas Hibbs's Arts of Darkness. He's talking about Dawson's Creek, but the same could be said of more TV series than I can count.

Given the perpetual flux of human passion in the series, mild suspicion about the rekindled romance is in order. Infidelity is a perpetual possibility in this world; not just in the sense that commitments are tenuous and passions unpredictable, but also in the sense that this is what gives the show its vitality, what motivates characters and captivates viewers. The dramatic structure of romanticism dictates an endless series of conflicts, both external and internal, and a perpetual uncertainty about relationships. Since they possess no larger framework, no overarching vision of human life and its purpose, the characters are largely self-absorbed.

Arts of Darkness: American Noir and the Quest for Redemption, p. 170

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Thank you Gina - this also reflects the contrast between TV's (and a large part of our culture's) view of relationship (perpetual uncertainty) AND God's view of relationship (of primary, central, and eternal importance). I am challenged to spend every bit as much time and creative energy protecting and nurturing the relationships in my life as the writers and producers of so many of these silly TV shows. But how can anyone possibly do this if they are spending any of their eternally valuable time with a something that rejects Godly relationships?

anne morse

This is every soap opera!


The reason they don't last is they are not based on Godly relationships. I am not a soap opera watcher anymore nor do I watch anything like this drama. I usually watch very old movies based on purity of relationships with no sex scenes and building meaningful relationships.

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