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March 19, 2008

The Gospel at Gunpoint

I've got a new hero: ninety-two-year-old Pauline Jacobi. (H/T Glenn Lucke at Common Grounds Online)

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This generation (as well as my own parents') possesses character that mine seems to have lost. Theirs were generations in which people actually grew up. Many folks in my own generation seem never to mature to adulthood, much less mature spiritually.

Imagine that would-be mugger's surprise at being confronted by true, confident testimony, born of a faith tested and purified over the years. Even a hardened criminal knows the real thing when he sees it.

Praise God for this woman's being "instant" to testify to the abiding presence of Christ, and the hope of His salvation!

mj anderson

This is marvelous...but does it remind you of Flannery O'Connor's story:
A Good Man Is Hard to Find? (But with far different outcome!

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