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March 26, 2008

Sarkozy for President

Sarkozy Sometimes moral leadership comes where you least expect it. But vive la France, at least when it comes to the exceptional efforts made domestically and in foreign affairs by their new President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

First we witnessed the unheard of: a French President who dared to break the longstanding rule about a politician invoking belief in God as a good thing for French culture. You may pick yourself up from the floor now. Yes, as reported in this Newsweek story and elsewhere, this is a French President who sees the value in religion and God-inspired activities.

Now, Sarkozy is one of China's fiercest critics regarding the recent crackdown in Tibet, raising the specter of a boycott of the Chinese Summer Olympic Games. While such a boycott would be sad for athletes from nations that agreed to stay home, it would be an even greater blow to the Chinese leadership. You know them: the ones who want international respectability while cracking heads and killing in Tibet.

There aren't too many statesmen and women left in the world who are willing to put principle ahead of the profits of trade with the world's most aggressive economy. And for all we know, Sarkozy may be bluffing, just wanting to play the boycott card in the hopes that the Chinese will buckle on Tibet.

But it's refreshing to see someone stand up to the bully.

(Image © AFP/Getty)

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K L Young

Relax, those are just lip services! The Games will begin for sure because Tibet is neither Kuwait [oil rich] nor Israel [strong lobbyists] & China has a lot to offer to the West today.

So, be quite & let the Games begin!!


Mr. Reed, on behalf of your nation's security apparatus, it is my duty to alert you to a possible hit job by a Chinese operative. "Lip services", "be quite" and "let the Games begin" (when followed by not just single, but DOUBLE exclamation points) are common phrases used by psy-ops agents of the Chinese government to influence American sentiments.

As always, we are here to protect and serve. God Bless the USA.

Samuel X

"Multiple exclamation points are a sure sign of a diseased mind." -- Terry Pratchett

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