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March 24, 2008

Reynolds on the Difficulty of Married Love

Married love is difficult: full of confusion and doubt. Because it is a bloodless martyrdom, designed to purge us of selfishness and show us real love it is difficult. Because it is, for most, a nursery for the next generation, it is of great civic consequence. Because it begins, at least, in love, it is of eternal consequence.

~ Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Professor/blogger, "Married Love Is Difficult"

Check out this post on natural law and marriage by Dr. John Mark Reynolds. What is God's design for married love? How has our culture got it wrong? Reynolds includes a scene from a novel involving a husband (Michael), a wife (Elizabeth) and their daughter (Nina). His post concludes with these thoughts.

In the middle, their daughter, Nina, is shown an image of marriage that is nothing the mystery that Saint Paul and the great saints wrote about.

Michael needs to find the God of the Song of Songs.

Elizabeth needs a good dose of Ephesians.

We need to realize that the trap cannot be escaped in either direction. Dull conformity is not God’s way, but neither is simply following our hearts into personal, family, and cultural destruction.

Go read it all.

(H/T: The Christian Mind)

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