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March 19, 2008

Re: This is 90 percent of what’s wrong with TV

Gina, your quote reminds me of something I'm reading in a book by Voddie Baucham called Family-Driven Faith. Baucham points out that in our society today our notions of love are based on the Greco-Roman Myth of what love is. He summarizes it like this (and I'm excerpting his summary--so pardon):

Myth 1: Love is a Random Force: "We don't choose who we fall in love with."

Myth 2: Love is an Overwhelming Force: "Love, according to the Greco-Roman myth, is an overwhelming force against which we mere mortals cannot hope to prevail.'"

Myth 3: Love is an Uncontrollable Force: "Love sometimes goes away as quickly and mysteriously as it came."

Myth 4: Love is a Sensual Force: "Love is equated with sex."

According to Baucham, the result of our culture largely buying into these myths is that "this kind of love. . . doesn't translate into other relationships. If love is a random, uncontrollable, overwhelming, sensual force, how do I love my kids?" It also makes love very tenuous, which is what these shows all hinge on. Baucham points out that with this kind of notion of love, "Can we blame children of divorce for wondering when Mom or Dad is going to stop loving them the same way that they stopped loving each other?"

In contrast to the Greco-Roman myth, Baucham defines Christian love as "an act of the will accompanied by emotion that leads to action on behalf of its object."

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Drew Clyde

I heard Voddie give a message once on this topic. This is a huge deal and is really at the core at many of our societies problems. If we understood that love was a decision to commit to a person unconditionally forever, then there would be much less pain, disease, and even poverty in our world. I'm actually performing my first wedding this May. The girl getting married was in the youth group I led 6 years ago and my wife and I have been meeting with her and her fiance over the past year for some pre-marital counseling you could say. The foundational thing that I keep sharing with them is that on that wedding day, they are more making a committment to God to love the other, than they are making a committment to each other. That's why so many marriages end in divorce, it's because the two people involved are really only committing to each other and down the road they let each other off the hook. In marriage where you commit to God to love the other unconditionally, that's a covenant you've got to see through to the end.

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