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March 26, 2008

Politics: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

It's been almost two weeks since I last surfed the Internet or listened to the radio so you will have to forgive my tardy harrumph at seeing Kevorkian's latest publicity stunt: Dr. Death's recent announcement of his intention to run for Congress.   

This is the same fellow who broke a myriad of our laws, like "Thou shall not murder."  Talk about supreme irony: Now Dr. Death wants to get into the law-writing business. 

My problem is, I'm starting to have nightmares about clacking Congressional skeletons clutching either poison-laden IV bags or gas masks attached to tanks filled with toxic gases above sick and depressed or physically and mentally challenged people, waiting until the newest member, Dr. Death, signs their N.I.C.E Extermination Law into effect. Holding his bible, Final Exit, in one hand, Death completes his signature, then ghoulishly grinning Members start administering their deadly brews while peering sightlessly into the dying eyes of their hapless patients--oops, constituents. 

Well, I need cheering up, and the best way you all can help me is to write the text for a new Calvin and Hobbesque type comic strip. Since C. S. Lewis's book That Hideous Strength was the first thing that popped into my mind when reading about Kevorkian ploy, use His Hideous Strength: Devilry Afoot in Congress as a title for your strip. 

The winner's strip will be posted to this site. Any takers? 

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Not creative enough for the contest, but couldn't help think: Does Kevorkian have any constituents? Didn't he kill them all off?....

Kim Moreland

Too funny! Unfortunately, he killed off his patients--now he wants access to everyone else’s.

Rolley Haggard

Doc, we’re printing up bumper stickers for your campaign.

What have you got so far?

“Get a Life. Vote Kevorkian”. Whaddaya think, doc?

Nah. Too ambiguous.

How about this next to a picture of a beaker of cyanide: “Plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is – to vote Kevorkian”.

Nah. Too trite. What else you got?

This one can’t fail: A string of teddy bears followed by, “Real Deadheads Vote Kevorkian”


So you like it, eh?

Not particularly. It’s just that it reminded me of someone.

Yeah, who?

Vince Welnick.

Vince who?

Huh? Oh, nevermind.


Wouldn't it be breaking congressional precedent by having served his time before entering office?

Steve (SBK)

Congressman #1: "Kevorkian - in Congress? Something smells fishy to me..."

Congressman #2: "Strange... I was getting brimstone."


"I'm Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Vote for me and I promise to solve the MediCare and Social Security crisis!"

Steve (SBK)

Entry #2:

Congressman Kevorkian: "... and along with the sickles replacing the arrows, it is my pleasure to introduce the new Justice department motto: Qui Pro Moribunda Sequitur!"

Samuel X

KEVORKIAN FOR CONGRESS - Helping the government die with dignity.

I'm having some trouble coming up with a strip to go with it, though...

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