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March 28, 2008

Paris Hilton a Role Model for Young Girls

Paris Paris Hilton is preparing to be a judge in the contest for Miss Turkey. There is something ironic about that last sentence.

However, Hilton said she was "happy to be seen as a role model by girls." She says she is "a good person" and "an inspiration for a lot of girls."

This reminds me of a story about Franklin Graham during his rebellious years. He came home dejected and told his mother, Ruth Graham, that he was worthless. Her reply was that he wasn't worthless; God could always use him as a bad example.

So I guess in a way you could say that Paris is right.

(Image © AP)

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Did the juxtaposition of that post next to the poll on the right escape your notice, or are you trying to swing the results?

dennis babish

I just write them I don't post them.
But I have to admit the placement was good. :D

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