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March 21, 2008

No taming the cross


What does the world do with a person who has been raised from the dead? Christians have been meditating on that for two millenniums. But despite the eggs, the baskets, and the bunnies, one thing we haven't been able to do is to tame that person, tame his message, and, moreover, tame what happened to him in Jerusalem all those years ago. That's one reason why you don't see many Easter cards, Easter gifts, and Easter decorations; why the stores aren't clogged with shoppers during Lent; and why the holiday is still, essentially, religious.

James Martin, "Happy Crossmas!" Slate (via Some Have Hats)

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Thanks for the quote and the link, Gina.

Having been raised on a gentleman's farm, I've always marveled that the animals in Nativity scenes were always better scrubbed than at any 4-H auction.

I do think the Slate article is a bit misleading, in that it focuses on Good Friday more than on Resurrection Sunday. The reason Easter is not commercialized today has less to do with the horrors of crucifixion and more to do with (as the author does point out somewhat) absolute triumph over the worst that can happen to a person. "Retail therapy" and gift-giving are intended to lift a person's spirits, but someone who understands the real meaning of the empty tomb cannot be lifted any higher.


A good argument for the crucifix, instead of two orthogonal intersecting lines.

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