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March 25, 2008

Key to a Happy Marriage

Research published in the Journal of Family Psychology tells us how a woman can be happy in her marriage: Simply by marrying a man that is uglier than her. So ladies, if you are married take a look at your man and if he is uglier than you, or should I say you are better looking than him, be glad. If not tell him to get uglier.

If you aren't married then this is the must-attend festival for you.

Why is this so? Well, it seems that evolution, the only random theory that makes decisions ahead of time, decided that you ladies don't really care what we men look like as long as we can help you reproduce. Of course we men, being the forward-looking sex that we are, want a mate, ahem, to pass on our genes, so we look for youth, health, and beauty.

Of course, this new research flies in the face of what that great prophet from the '60s, Jimmy Soul, sang:

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herman greenstein

just some silly song. i heard that years ago. does anyone really believe it for real? really?


my husband looks much better than i do and we are enough happy:)

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