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March 24, 2008

More Good News about Muslims

As you know, Chuck reported on this in today's Breakpoint article, but here's a longer account by Joel Rosenberg called "The Big (Untold) Story in the Middle East." Since I'm headed for a Muslim land in a couple of months, I'm praying that the missionaries there will soon have similar stories to tell. 

I'm also looking forward to Joel's next non-fiction book coming out in 2009 that will include "first person accounts of former Muslim terrorists who have become the new Apostle Pauls of our time--murderous religious zealots who had visions of Jesus Christ and are now pastors, evangelists, church planters, and powerful Christian leaders." Joel also writes about how Muslims, after having dreams and visions, are "coming into churches explaining that they have already converted and now need a Bible and guidance on how to follow Jesus. This is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy ... (Joel 2:28-32)." 

The whole story gives me chills -- the good kind -- over how God is at work in Muslim lands. I hope that all of us will be faithful to pray for our new brothers and sisters in Christ, and give to ministries that support their spiritual growth.   

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Ian McCarthy

I have, since last October, read all of Joel Rosenberg's novels, and Epicenter, more or less as soon as I could have them imported to the UK. I found all the Thriller Theology gripping. I was particularly stirred by Joel's account of what God was doing in the Islamic world in imparting dreams and visions to Muslims that drew them to
Christ. It made me long for such a phenomenon in the western world - paricularly my town! Is total loss of liberty the greatest key to Church growth? Can I admit to that thought making me nervous?

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