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March 20, 2008

Good Friday: Standing at the Crossroads

Cross WIth Good Friday approaching, may we ponder the Centrality of the Cross...

...Between God and man, the chasm is unfathomable; in fact, it’s unbridgeable. Without divine intervention, communion with God is impossible. Yet between that divide stands the Cross. Jesus Christ, through His life, death, and resurrection, reaches over the infinite expanse in an unequaled act of love.

In everything, the Cross is central. As the vertical penetration of God into spacetime, the Cross allows God to present Himself to man and man to present himself to God.

At the head of the Cross, God’s love flows earthward from a thorn-gashed brow. At the foot of the Cross, man’s gaze moves heavenward to a pair of nail-pierced feet. In divine descent, the Son atones, the Father forgives, and the Spirit indwells. In response, man reaches up to receive and, then, marvels at the wonder of the divine gift. In this divine-human interchange, the Cross brings together the earthly and the heavenly, uniting what was separate and imparting life to what was life-less.

Across the horizontal, the Cross links all that has gone before with all that is yet to come. Standing at the interface of eternity past and eternity future, the Cross is the junction of both historical time and historic time. Although these two expressions of time appear synonymous, they reflect the differing aspects used in the New Testament: chronos and kairos...

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Rolley Haggard

What love is this that God hath shown to smite Himself instead of me?
What moved His heart to spare my soul and sacrifice His only Son?
Am I not chief of sinful men, and He thrice-holy Deity?
Then why, upon the cruel cross, was He, and not this sinner, hung?

When I before the Throne shall stand, as every mortal creature must
The word doth promise me that hour an Advocate shall plead my case;
Not by His words but by His wounds He’ll prove a single verdict just:
“Already punished!” “Paid in full!” “Not guilty!” “Justified by grace!”

Dear Christ, I thank Thee for the love that saved my helpless, sinful soul
And pray my life may vindicate this boast I make of thankfulness;
Yet should I prove a blameless man, I cannot thank Thee all I owe,
For purest thanks are filthy rags when measured by Thy worthiness.

© Rolley Hagggard

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