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March 20, 2008

Get a Life--No, Really!

Usher Call it "The Fall of the House of Usher" if you like, but Ian Usher, 44, of Perth, Australia, has had enough. He's auctioning off his entire life on eBay, following the breakup of his marriage. For the whole shooting match of his house, his job, his clothes, and his friends, Usher wants to offer a package deal of roughly $385,000.

In the Reuters story detailing this poor man's lot, Usher wistfully yet with an upbeat Aussie style says that he's ready for a move. He's offering the top bidder the chance to step right into his life, lock, stock, and barrel. The "lucky winner" will get to take on Usher's job at a rug shop "for a trial two-week period," be introduced to some great friends, and even get a jet ski. Usher reserves the right to his wallet and passport, however.

While this may not be exactly what Jesus had in mind when he said that "he who loses his life will find it," one hopes that Ian Usher finds something more enduring this Easter than the material life that seems to have let him down. Or maybe he's just got issues.

Either way, he can't think he's lost THAT much when he heard what his ex-wife had to say about his idea for eBay: "Her last comment was, 'It seems a bit mental to me,'  he said."

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