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March 25, 2008

Frankly, No

Mark Steyn writes in his latest column:

"I'm sure," said Barack Obama in that sonorous baritone that makes his drive-thru order for a Big Mac, fries, and strawberry shake sound profound, "many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests, or rabbis wih which you strongly disagreed."

Well, no, actually, I haven't. Ever. And if I had, I would have said something to him about it. And if he didn't stop the craziness, I would have left the church. And if enough other congregants agreed he  was crazy, the minister would have been the one to do the leaving.

Interestingly, Obama has never said (as far as I know) that he heard something in a Sunday morning service with which he "strongly disagreed" enough to confront the Rev. Crazy--er, Rev. Wright. Why not? Did he just decide to let it go--for 20 years? Or did he....agree with him?

I can tell you as a life-long believer---ignoring even one instance of craziness from the pulpit is not normal Protestant behavior. We're too concerned with the truth--or at least, what we believe to be the truth. That's why we Protestants have about 9 million denominations: A minister said something we thought was nuts, and so off we went to start a new church.

That Obama did none of the above--and that he seems to have trouble ever admitting he was wrong about anything--is troubling.

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I agree wholeheartedly. If I ever heard my pastor say anything that I strongly disagreed with, I would have met with him to discuss it. I think you've hit on the major issue that has been ignored in this whole controversy.


I agree that that is troubling, but the majority of Americans do not. The constant lament of many evangelicals is that Americans do not take their religion seriously. It is nominal religion, practical atheism, ect. There's a statistic often quoted on this blog that says that about 9% of Christians in America think with an orthodox Christian world view. So, while many reading this blog may become upset over a point on which they and their pastors disagree, Sen. Obama is very much in the majority of the religious in America who would keep quiet about it. Also, the last sentence about Obama not admitting mistakes could be said of any politician, so it's sort of a dull point.


(Rant about how Anne Morse is representative of what's wrong with conservative Christianity - prejudice against sonorous baritones. Claim that the fact I'm a sonorous bass is irrelevant; prejudice is prejudice. Disregard replies showing that Anne didn't refer to baritones herself, but merely quoted them. Claim that churches favor sopranos and tenors, and it's time it changed. Ignore Gina's warning to watch my tone. Threaten to leave in a huff, then stick around. Solve nothing. Await next opportunity to repeat.)


Anne, I think you're absolutely right. Sy, I think you're right too. I attended a church with my husband until recently whose pastor was preaching unbiblical messages from the pulpit on a regular basis. As we were working on the decision to confront him and ultimately leave we spent time talking with other like-minded members. However, in the end, we were the only family that left. When we inquired with other folks about their decision to stay we got answers like our kids are happy here, we like the programs, we love the people, the music is great, we're comfortable here....So, although I agree wholeheartedly that wrong teaching should prompt action I also recognize that very few seem to want to actually act and maybe that even fewer care enough to think about acting.


Mike Huckabee's response to this is interesting/refreshing, as one who has been a pastor and has been in the South:


Gina Dalfonzo

LeeQuod, I think you've got it down. :-)


I agree with your view of Mr. Wright and Mr. Obama.

Clearly, the double standard is alive a well. I don't understand the logic that if you are a minority (I am one) you can't be a racist? Comments that clear degrade a race or a group of people is racist no matters whos mouth is the bad language comes out of. The liberal have a mind set that says a person is excused from their offensive language or conduct if a person is different or poor even if they are a Americans.

I did understand why they are so upset with China? Why aren't they upset with Iran, North Korea, Syria and Russia too?
Why do they constently criticize and look on with destain the Christian world view?


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