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March 18, 2008

For Pity’s Sake: New NY Governor, First Lady Admit to Affairs

Paterson Extra, extra, read all about it in today's New York Daily News story! Earlier this week former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace over his extramarital shenanigans with a prostitute. Everyone waited with eagerness for incoming Governor David Paterson to be the new broom that sweeps clean.

But not so fast. Seems that Paterson and his wife, Michelle, have a little fessin' up to do themselves, with both of them turning to extramarital affairs during a rocky period of their marriage, elegantly spun by Mrs. Paterson. We present her well-crafted line of explanation:

"Like most marriages, you go through certain difficult periods," Michelle Paterson said. "What's important is for your kids to see you worked them out."

Much truth to that, and while it would have been infinitely better had the couple never strayed, the Patersons are to be commended for seeking counseling to get their marriage back on track. Also, it's politically wise for them to have come clean now at the beginning of his tenure as Governor of New York. This takes away the oxygen for another story that could have had even more of an impact than the more sensational one that's been in the news.

Still, let me beat the late-night talk show hosts to the punchline and ask the obvious question:

"Is there something in the water up there?"

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Catherine Claire

Yes: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/18/nyregion/18gallagher.html?bl&ex=1205985600&en=159a0f4776d53b1c&ei=5087%0A , NY City Counselman resigns after admitting sexual abuse

benjamin ady

Yeah--there's something in the water. Two hydrogens and an oxygen. Just like everywhere else. People hurt each other, and then they apologize and work it out, or they don't. Same the world round.

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