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March 17, 2008

For once, I wish I had HBO

Adams My favorite president gets his own miniseries, and I can't see it! Did any of you catch the first installment last night? What did you think?

(Image © HBO)

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Catherine Claire

I caught a bit of it but was uber-exhausted and had to call it quits early. Unfortunately, I'm moving out of my apartment with the included HBO before the mini-series ends. What I saw was good.


I saw Parts 1 and 2 last night. The actors look as if they have just stepped away from posing for the currency; it's amazing how accurate the resemblances are.

And Laura Linney is doing an amazing job as Abigail Adams, making her appear not only brilliant but also attractive and humble and skilled at all she attempts. But I wish I knew her writings better, to know if she was indeed a very early abolitionist and feminist.

The pacing and format are, sadly, straight from the miniseries playbook. But as my wife remarked, they do show the emotional tension of the Revolution and the sacrifices of individuals very well.


OK, so I already knew that John Adams was both a Founding Father and an earthly father. I was only interested in the mechanics of the former.


This, plus the earlier graphic leg amputation, make me worry that they'll go all Discovery Channel on us when it comes to daughter Nabby's radical mastectomy.

I was hoping for a lot more history and politics.


So the mastectomy wasn't as explicit as I'd feared. But too many facts were altered unnecessarily, to my mind.

Even so, it was entertaining and informative. One would hope that we will get more historical dramas on TV, but with a slightly greater commitment to accuracy.

Gotta love the way they made the actors look **exactly** like the paintings.

Gina Dalfonzo

LeeQuod, I appreciate your reports, which were also entertaining and informative! I'm looking forward to the DVD release of "John Adams," despite the flaws.

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